Red lentil hamburgers with sprouts and avocado

It’s burger time! Hamburgers are known as unhealthy snacks, but this really needn’t be the case. On the contrary. These burgers are made from red lentil sprouts and are bursting with good nutrients. The lentils give the burger a bite, the avocado makes them nice and smooth and the red onion results in a little zest. Eat a large burger for lunch or serve small burgers as a snack with drinks. Or are you hosting a casual dinner? Serve the hamburgers with oven-baked (unpeeled) potato fries, perhaps accompanied by a salad. It feels like comfort food, but in a healthy way!

Required for two large or four mini burgers.

  • 200 grams of red lentil sprouts
    1 egg
    1/2 red onion
    2 tbsp of chick pea flour (or another flour type)
    Pinch of salt and pepper

Accompanied by

  • 2 large or 4 small 4 bread rolls
    1 avocado
    Tuft of mixed sprouts
    1/2 red onion

This is how you prepare them

Chop the onion, take a large dish and put the burger ingredients in it. Blend with a hand mixer, but not too finely, it is quite alright for a few pieces to remain. Shape two large or four small burgers with your hands.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan and allow the burgers to gently slide into this. Fry one side on a medium heat for 5 minutes and the other side for 3 minutes. The small burgers can be cooked a little quicker.

In the meantime, slice the avocado and cut the onions into rings. Cut open the bread rolls and place the burgers in between once they are ready. Finish off with the avocado, red onion and a tuft of sprouts.