About Sprouts

What are sprouts exactly?

All plants and trees produce seeds, such as; peas, legumes, grains, pips or nuts, with the aim of continuing the existence of their own species. These seeds are packed with energy, which serves as nutrients for the plant’s start in life, as it first emerges from the seed. Sprouts are young plants with roots, which emerge from the seed as a result of the right combination of temperature, light and humidity level. The sprout will obtain all of its nutrients from the seed alone. These nutrients are converted into highly nutritional values, which can easily be absorbed by people. The ideal circumstances and time-frame for germinating the seed will depend on the seed type.

Of vegetable origin

Packed with nutrients

Rich in fibre

Contains antioxidants

Rich in protein

Source of magnesium

Low in calories

Full of vitamins and minerals

Why sprouts?

Sprouts are full of good nutrients. Many vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, proteins, fibres and enzymes are released during the germination process.
All of these nutrients ensure our bodies stay in balance, allowing us to continue to feel healthy. The sprouts develop a thin cell wall during the germination process, which make these nutrients easier to absorb for people.

Most sprouts are rich in fibres and contribute to good digestion. In addition, most sprouts are also rich in specific vitamins and minerals. These contribute to a healthier lifestyle and much more.